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Customer Complaint Handling Process

At Aptech Elevators we believe dealing with customer complaints cannot only appease the unhappy customer, but also build the relation of loyalty with our customers. We are the only Service provider who give you the online support system to register the complaints and you can get all details related to your elevator after log in to our online support System.


Replacement / Repair of Material: - Machine & Motor Repair, Thrust Bearing, Drive Sheaves Bearing, Brake Contact, Lining and Components, Rotation Elements, Commutator, Brushes, Brush, Brush, Brush Holder, Bearing, Coils Resistance for separating and Motor Circuits, magnets Fames, and other Mechanical Parts , Leveling devices, Cams, relays, Solid State Components e.g. PCBs, Transducers, Resistors, Condensers, Power Amplifiers, transformers, Contact, Leads, Dash Pots, Timing devices, Steel Selector Tapes and Mechanical and Electrical driving equipment (Except Drive) Governor Sheaves, Shaft Assembly, Bearing, Contracts and Governor Jaws, Reed Switch, Limit Switch, Roller, Shoe, Gibs, Car and hall Mechanical buttons, Car and Hall Position Indicators, and all other Car and Landing Signal Fixtures, as installed by supplier


With our personalized hands on approach and desire to be the best, let our team of experienced individuals manage your next modernization project from start to finish


  • Replacement of Old Fixtures with New Fixtures for Hall & Landing
  • Replacement of Existing Control System with new Micro Processor Based Controller for Better Performance.
  • Machine & Motor Replacement
  • Enhancement of Cabin & Door for Elegance Look
  • Safety Features Like: Doors-Protection Device and other Mechanical Items
  • Provision of Auto Rescue Device (ARD) is another Safety Features which help the passenger to Move out from the Elevator at the time of power failure.
  • Provision of Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) Drive for Smooth Operation of Lift and less power consumption.